JEB Team | 19/01/2018

JAF Timber Veneer

The JEB Timber Veneer is an unique product that captivates the beauty of nature. These timber veneer wallpapers are manufactured from the finest and 100% authentic species under strict quality guidelines. Veneers are produced by state-of-the-art technology and processes in compliance with the highest standards.

The superiority and rareness of the raw materials dictates the need for manufacturing yielding. The special log-slicing procedures for manufacturing this collection yields three times the area when compared to conventional methods. The distinctive inclusion of metal foil layers, chemical treatment and manufactured fireproof fibres make Veneer more naturally fire retardant than other products, and guarantee the highest commercial fire requirements for your projects.

To us, selecting and working with the right manufacturer to ensure the supply of a premium product is vital to our service. This collection not only offers the beauty and quality of genuine timber but also allows for new and innovative applications with the highest possible added value.

With an extensive inventory, we can supply customers with practically any kind of timber veneer. Veneers can come in different slicing methods, such as Flat Cut, Quarter cut, Rift Cut and Rotary Cut. Various matching and wood finishes derived from different tree species available for choosing.