JEB Team | 14/08/2018

JAF Wonderwall Studio

Applying wood to wall finishes and surfaces can reinvent the interiors of a space. It adds character and textures, which is essential to enhancing the depth and dimension. Studies have proven that being exposed to wood at work has tangible health and wellbeing benefits. It can also improve the air quality and increase the comfort of the environment.

JAF Wonderwall Studio uses the best and most beautiful reclaimed woods in their collections, which are carefully collected from abandoned houses and derelict sheds. This sustainability principle is the foundation behind the collection. Besides being great for the environment, reclaimed wood injects a sense of character and has a unique story of its own. Wood can also absorb sounds and prevent echo, which is a great choice of material to be used in areas such as receptions or restaurants.

Sage is richly textured and beautifully coloured with dark shades of brown and intense black. Each piece is crafted by our craftsmen and variations are a mark of the hand.

Jungle is made from the roots of trees plantages. With its exceptional liquid grain texture, it captures one’s imagination within a sharp pixelated framework.

These are vintage rail sleepers hewn by innumerable thundering locomotives. Jagger is a panel of intense warmth, richness, and substance. It is dark and heavy, literally – Jagger doesn’t float. The percussive heritage of the panel continues to beat out its vibrant, timeless rhythm.

Wood is a renewable and environmentally friendly material that is not only used structurally in architecture, but it is a timeless element to feature in interior design. It is a classic selection that comes in different characteristics of colours and patterns, adding value to spaces effortlessly.