JEB Team | 09/05/2018

JAF Luxury Vinyl – Forbo Allura

This unique luxury vinyl tile collection offers over 100 designs in a wide variety of plank & tile sizes, it mimics the outlook of the natural materials, such as hardwood, stone, ceramic with textured surfaces, making it almost very hard to differentiate them.

JAF Allura tiles are a superb replacement of the ceramic and laminate flooring, it is softer, warmer, easy to install and maintain. They have an attractive appearance also could offer excellent acoustic performance.

There are four new ranges from JAF Allura tiles, which are Allura Wood, Allura Stone, Allura Strips and Allura Abstract.

JAF Allura Wood
JAF Allura Wood combines the aesthetics of wood with the advantages of strong & comfortable luxury vinly tiles which involves a large variety of splendid wood designs with a matt surface and a natural woodgrain.

JAF Allura Stone
JAF Allura Stone is a series which have the appearance of the stone or ceramic flooring, but also with the comfort of the luxury vinly tiles different from the metal shades and cool steel.

JAF Allura Strip & JAF Allura Abstract
JAF Allura Strips and Abstract are interesting elements which can smoothly increase the visual effect of your designed area.

The JAF Forbo Allura tiles could support you to design your space by offering wide varieties of tiles, with excellent performance and durability.Contact us for a showroom visit to see samples and get inspired.