JEB Team | 11/04/2018

JAF Lando

The evolution of residential interior design has seen the kitchen elevated to the showpiece of the modern home, clean and simple styles are major elements people are looking for. A comfortable and luxury kitchen requires great effort of the product and design innovation, not just only thinking beyond the traditional worktops but also enlarging the functionality of the kitchen.

JAF Lando has been producing modern, hand-crafted kitchen systems in Italy for four decades, with the mission of promoting the idea that “beautiful living is above all, quality thought”. Its range of striking modular kitchen systems is now available in Hong Kong and Macau through JEB Architectural Finishes. Characterised by careful attention to detail, these artisanal kitchen systems provide extensive flexibility and functionality.


Product line consists of three systems with wall and counter-top components, with finishes in solid timber, marble and stainless steel.


The Forgia kitchen top is entirely made of single 20/10 mm thick flat sheets of stainless steel, which is handcraft by the artisans. Smoothly presented the industrial and vintage atmosphere of the kitchen space, the kitchen top also allows the zone for sink and cooking area, which smoothly offers an efficient and precise kitchen.

The MYA gas top is one of the highlight of this product line. It is fully completed by stainless steel and applicable in any kitchen worktops.


The Dolmen kitchen top is a fascinating formation by the marbles, we offer wide range of finishes selection for the kitchen top. Expansive worktop allows the functions of washing and cooking, which offers excellent space management of the kitchen area.

The black (dark color) marbles is the focal point of the kitchen space, it create an impressive effect in the luxury and stylish kitchen.


Thema is a commutable wall system, clients can decide to use which component of the system, such as wall units, work tops and shelves. Opening shelves has been one of the design direction of this year, it offers an opportunity to personalize the kitchen area with some small accessories and food items.

JAF Lando provides wide range of finishes selection to assist the clients to customize their kitchen area, and with the remark of artistic and modern design, allowing them to create and reorganize their own kitchen space.

The Lando kitchen systems are a unique solution for any kitchen project, to see samples and get inspirations, contact us to reserve a showroom visit.