JEB Team | 20/12/2017

JAF Flooring Collection

JEB Forbo Flooring System – Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile features superior breakthrough in technology and design, with over 100 different designs, 3 application systems and an exclusive lacquering system.

Allura Click Flooring takes one step further. Its 38 designs in wood and stone decors come with a patented click system, ensuring the best of styles can be installed without hassle.


Where Style Meets Customisation – JEB Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile

The JEB Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile has established itself as one of the most popular lines in the flooring market. Its design, technology and sustainability have been unparalleled, and it range of styles can fit in any interior.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Allura’s European design includes advanced production technology that create seamless and stable results, while protected by an exclusive lacquering system.

The Allura design signature offers over 100 different designs, and comes in 3 different application systems. With array of finishes on offer, including wood, stone and abstract, the variety can go as far as your imagination.

Allura Click Flooring

Among the JEB Allura Luxury Viny Tile line is the promising Allura Click Flooring.  The Allura Click Flooring combines ease and comfort. It consists of 38 designs in wood and stone decors. Click planks come in realistic sizes. Its patented click system allows it to be quickly and easily installed, while the lacquering system guarantees its agility over time.

The click system acts as a testament to Allura Click Flooring’s European design. While its glass fleece construction provides dimensional stability, the click system can be angled down for a perfect installation without any adhesives.