Create the Perfect Environment with JEB Architectural Finishes.

Our interior finishes project management services take care of every element, giving you a space that meets your practical needs and aesthetic design.


A wide portfolio of interior finishing products.

Our architectural products include glass and decorative textures – from wood wall panels to marble installations – office flooring, acoustic products like echo panels installation and even European interior lighting.


Our interior acoustics installation services and products bring ambient acoustics to any space.

Wall Finishes

Our architectural wall finishes provide a decorative skin to conceal building components and enhance interior and exterior finishes, including marble and glass wall finishes and wood wall panels.


Hand-crafted kitchen systems featuring wall and counter-top components plus accessories.

Featured Materials & Systems

A variety of options for the modern interior, from innovative materials to natural elements and special touches like mosaic installations.


A wide selection of decorative lighting products to brighten residential, commercial and building interiors as well as interior lighting installation services.


Dynamic flooring solutions that satisfy the need of architects and designers, from office flooring to lobby walkways.


JEB Team | 23 May 2019
Echopanel – High Quality Decorative Panelling
EchoPanel is a high-quality decorative panelling solution with acoustic qualities and fabric-like finishes. ...
JEB Team | 21 Mar 2019
Modern design with Glass
The versatility of glass has been well recognized in classic and modern architecture. It is one of the most complex and ...
JEB Team | 21 Feb 2019
Glass Mosaics with Innovative Nanotechnology
The Italian brand Mutaforma brings a new dimension of innovative nanotechnology to the world of glass mosaics. It specia ...
JEB Team | 18 Jan 2019
Decorative Wood Panels: Inspired by Nature
Wood has always been a classic and timeless selection for interior design. It effortlessly combines elegance and comfort ...
JEB Team | 19 Dec 2018
Equilibrium of Nature and Technology
JAF Compac Surfaces provides timeless surface coverings of marble and quartz. They offer a range of elegant colours and ...
JEB Team | 21 Nov 2018
Innovative Sports Flooring Systems
JEB Mondo Flooring offers high performance, functional and eco-friendly flooring systems for indoor sports and track app ...
JEB Team | 22 Oct 2018
Discover the Functionality of Textile Flooring
JEB Forbo Flotex flocked flooring serves the best of both worlds. It combines the most attractive features of both carpe ...
JEB Team | 7 Sep 2018
Discover the Finest Glass Mosaics – Mutaforma
The Italian brand Mutaforma brings a new dimension of innovative nanotechnology to the world of glass mosaics. It specia ...
JEB Team | 14 Aug 2018
JAF Wonderwall Studio
JAF Wonderwall Studio uses the best and most beautiful reclaimed woods in their collections, which are carefully collect ...
JEB Team | 17 Jul 2018
JAF Glass
Glass has always been one of the most complex and versatile materials used in architectural design. ...
JEB Team | 11 Jun 2018
JAF Natural Stone
Natural stone flooring is extremely durable when compares to other kind of flooring materials, such as wood and tiles, s ...
JEB Team | 9 May 2018
JAF Luxury Vinyl – Forbo Allura
JAF Luxury vinyl tiles can precisely mirror the character and the look of real hardwood and ceramic flooring. This uniq ...
JEB Team | 11 Apr 2018
JAF Lando
JEB Lando is a strongly character of modern kitchen design. With a new concept of combining the kitchen and the living s ...
JEB Team | 13 Mar 2018
JAF Echo Panel
JAF Echo Panel is a high quality, high performance choice for the modern office, hotel and residential areas, by featuri ...
JEB Team | 13 Feb 2018
JAF Forbo Flooring Marmoleum
JAF Forbo Flooring Marmoleum is a combination of innovation, sustainability and durability, offering over 300 colours an ...
JEB Team | 19 Jan 2018
JAF Timber Veneer
The JAF Veneer is a unique product that captivates the beauty of nature. These timber veneer wallpapers are manufactured ...
JEB Team | 20 Dec 2017
JAF Flooring Collection
JEB Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile features superior breakthrough in technology and design, with over 100 different designs, 3 ...
JEB Team | 15 Nov 2017
JAF Stone Collection
Rock-solid, majestic and powerful. The JAF Stone is our latest architectural finishing products carved from the limeston ...
JEB Team | 12 Oct 2017
JAF Compac Surfaces
The JEB Compac Surfaces is a fusion where nature, emotion, social codes and science are connected - a stone from another ...
JEB Team | 17 Jul 2017
JAF Mosaic
The superb of Mosaic is that they can bring so much personality to a space, energy and add a unique visual interest to y ...
JEB Team | 15 Jun 2017
JAF Architectural Resins
JEB Architectural Finishes is so excited to add another incredible product to our vast library called JEB Architectural ...
JEB Team | 5 May 2017
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